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Friday 01 June 2001

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The PcChips Lottery - Don't know what your PcChips board is? This should be your first stop. Hosted by our very own "th" and "AJZ", it's the ultimate PcChips reference page.

See the XPRO page for a breakdown on PcChips knock-off chipsets.

Note 1: Can't find your model at http://www.pcchips.com/ ?  Try adding the model manually to the url, ie: http://www.pcchips.com/m571.html. They're cutting pages left and right these days, so hurry.

Note 2: There are two types of flash memory, Large block and Small block. When you first turn the computer on, the screen will show the BIOS date code and a letter with "L" or "S". L means Large block, S means Small block. If you download a new BIOS be sure to download the appropriate one for your board (L or S).

Note 3: The PcChips Lottery is the best place to ID your PcChips mystery board.

Note 4:  G.Turkenburg reports: "After a test with same bios used for PcChips' M538 & M535 & M530 & M525 & M520 PnP system boards I discoverd that this bios upgrade works also for the A101 v.1.4 board! But 75 MHz not anymore."  Thanks for the info, G.   (USE AT OWN RISK.)

Note 5: For BIOS id code 10031996C, soupy has successfully used the generic bios for the M520 , M525, M530, M535, M538, M549 motherboards.

Note 6: I do not recommend PcChips boards because their support is non-existant. (Emails asking me for help are mostly from people who have a PcChips board.)

Note 7: Want a 128 meg PC100 SDRAM chip on a 560TG TxPro? Use the 16 chip version (64Mbit technology). AJZ did it successfully, thanks to a tip from Peter.

Note 8: The difference between M535 and M538 are the voltage regulators: "linear" on the M535  and "switching" on the M538

Award BIOS Numbers: (more info)

10/18/96-i430VX-10031996C-00 PcChips M535/538 

AMI BIOS Numbers: (more info)

51-0309-001437-00111111-0751595-VT801-001_10_UTRON-F PcChips M558
51-0122-001437-00111111-071595-570-001_10_CHIPSET-H PcChips M570
51-0311-001437-0010111-071595-570-001_10_CHIPSET_H PcChips M570
51-0506-001437-00101111-071595-M571-007_66_M571-H PcChips M571
61-0917-001437-00101111-071595-440bx-m761_v1.1-8671-h PcChips M761 v1.1
61-1001-001437-00111111-071595-440LX-1440L000-H PcChips M710
62-0601-009999-00101111-071595-000000-M741LMRT-H PcChips M741LMRT
62-0115-001121-00101111-071595-VT691-M762VV1.2-8671-H ( or N ) PcChips M762V

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Wanted BIOSs:

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