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You will want to check my BIOS FAQ before posting.

Please do NOT ask questions about your BIOS via email. We are just too busy to answer. Use the forums!


Contacting Wim Bervoets (creator and author)

I don't have the time to answer individual emails about BIOS-related problems because I receive too many. Instead of mailing directly to me (or the associates), it's better to use the discussion board to ask your questions. You'll get your answer much faster! 

Preferred languages: English and Dutch. (I also can read German and French, but I'll respond in English.)

Contacting soupy


Only through the links above.

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ВНИМАНИЕ:Использование flash BIOSs - это Ваш риск! Я не могу нести ответственность за любой ущерб на Вашем компьютере !